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Random Pictures From St Gustav

For a laugh I decided to boot up the WIP from Create-a-world to see what it would look like in game. I may one day decide to return to making this world.


Acadia Files Re-Uploaded to OneDrive. 4Shared can bugger off.

Edit: 21/08 Appears the link died. I’ve updated it. Let me know if it’s still not working

Since 4Shared and all those other sites seem to love deleting and destroying the stuff I had uploaded during last year’s flounce, I’ve come to the conclusion to just say ‘stuff it’ and upload it to my OneDrive.

On the upside, during my time away, I found a drive with a backup of the files that I thought I had lost when 4shared shat itself.

I’ve uploaded everything of substance that I had been working on over the years, including the release version of Acadia, Georgia Falls and Orchard, as well as some of the houses I thought I had lost.

In addition, I’ve uploaded the works in progress to OneDrive. This includes the CAW files for Acadia, as well as St Gustav, and an older world that I had completed but need to work on the routing.

OneDrive Updated Link

Screenshot-170 Screenshot-144 Screenshot-68 Screenshot-67

Screenshot-534 Screenshot-550 Screenshot-557 Screenshot-560 Screenshot-566

Have at it. You can do whatever you want with these files, I’m releasing them for the greater good, not that they will be of much use to most people.

I’m still considering myself retired from creating publicly for The Sims, though I may still reappear for some small projects. Basically, I’m burnt out in real life from illness, family, work, as well as going back to study at a Post-Grad level. I hope one day soon I’ll get the motivation to do some projects again.


Just ploddin’ along



With the sims community bending over backwards to find something to like about The Sims 4, I’m just sitting here piddling away at my Sims 3 worlds. Been having some annoying little issues with both Hexley and St Gustav, which I can just guess is because of Create-A-World being an unstable pile of shit. I hope one day the community that hasn’t made the switch manage to find a way to stabilise the program, because I still feel it is one of the most powerful tools in the game.

I added a few more areas to Hexley, which I’m still working on. Mostly because placing the stone fences is a very annoying and fiddly job for someone who is so anal about things being uneven and having ugly gaps.

As for St Gustav, I’m still trying to figure out what to do for the outlying island. At the moment it’s very mountainous, like you would see in Saint Martin, but I’m still deciding what I want there apart from suburbs. I’m thinking about nuking the whole resort area, since I can’t get it to look like the resort I went to in the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. But we shall see.

Also been sorting out all my downloads folders properly, deleting ugly shit, shit I haven’t used in years, along with incorrectly labeled stuff. Now I have everything as packages except for some Store stuff, Patterns that were made by monkeys in Create-a-pattern, and kitchen benches/sectionals.

Anyway, some picspam:



Screenshot-169 Screenshot-170 Screenshot-171 Screenshot-172 Screenshot-173

Off Topic: Also been lying low because of family shit. My father has been in a coma for over 3 weeks, slowly recovering but it’s been a total of nearly 2 months in the hospital.


I could be here a while.

I could be here a while.

Came back from a mini break in the country to find this waiting for me on Origin. Who knows why I keep checking it to see the TS4 demo, I have no interest in it nor the “full” game. I guess to gawk at it from afar.

But no, I’ve chosen to stick with The Sims 3. Nothing much appeals to me in the new game, especially the look of the Sims themselves. They kinda look like background characters from The Clone Wars series.

Back to the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection though, YAY. I don’t need to worry about trying to get that bastard of a relic to work on 8.1, nor find a copy of Mansion & Garden Stuff after the disc literally shattered in my old drive.

Regarding St Gustav, I’ve taken a break from it. Doing it completely by whim and thought has put me in a corner I’m not sure of how to work out of, so for now I’ve started working on an English themed world. I guess it’s a result of playing around with Train Simulator 2014, but I’ve begun building this small town loosely based on Oxford (though the river is reminding me more of Christchurch, NZ), with a main rail line and a small branch line around the town and countryside. Should be interesting, but no in-game pictures yet. I’m also working at better organising the car wreck that is my downloads folders.