Clunky as all Frak



So I got the demo this morning. Set it to download while I went out to run some errands, came back and decided to give it a go. I didn’t have high expectations of it to begin with, but while the Sims themselves look kinda cute, in a VERY cartoonish sense (I mean, my sims in TS2/3 were anything but realistic and were more on the side of Maxis’ style), the clothing choices are ….alright, more than what TS3 started with, but I rely on Create-A-Style too much.

My biggest letdown of this demo was that it just feels so CLUNKY. I know my mouse isn’t the best but really, I felt like I was moving it half way across the desk to try to get some moderately different features about the Sims. The UI is kinda blergh too, but eh. I wasn’t really interested in the game to begin with, so this just kinda convinced me now. Sorry EA, no more money from my credit card.

Which is kinda sad. I’ve been playing The Sims since the beginning, I’ve been playing Simcity since the Simcity2000 days, I even bought those shitty games like Societies and Pets Stories, but this coming after SimDRM, I think I’m done with EA for a while. Been grabbing some interesting games when they’ve been coming out on Steam lately. Still have SpinTires on my wish list along with A-Train 9.

But back to my scheduled whingeing, some elements of the game I do like, but this, I’m sticking with The Sims 3. Which I guess is good, I’m still plodding along with the two worlds I’ve been making, and hopefully once all the sheeple flounce to TS4, they will take all their drama with them (wishful thinking there).

El Paso.

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