I could be here a while.

I could be here a while.

Came back from a mini break in the country to find this waiting for me on Origin. Who knows why I keep checking it to see the TS4 demo, I have no interest in it nor the “full” game. I guess to gawk at it from afar.

But no, I’ve chosen to stick with The Sims 3. Nothing much appeals to me in the new game, especially the look of the Sims themselves. They kinda look like background characters from The Clone Wars series.

Back to the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection though, YAY. I don’t need to worry about trying to get that bastard of a relic to work on 8.1, nor find a copy of Mansion & Garden Stuff after the disc literally shattered in my old drive.

Regarding St Gustav, I’ve taken a break from it. Doing it completely by whim and thought has put me in a corner I’m not sure of how to work out of, so for now I’ve started working on an English themed world. I guess it’s a result of playing around with Train Simulator 2014, but I’ve begun building this small town loosely based on Oxford (though the river is reminding me more of Christchurch, NZ), with a main rail line and a small branch line around the town and countryside. Should be interesting, but no in-game pictures yet. I’m also working at better organising the car wreck that is my downloads folders.