Ho hum.

I restarted Acadia. 😦

Well, it was kinda a long time coming. I’ve been pretty bad and been running with some out of date mods for a long time, I figured since patching to 1.67, I might as well start fresh with the mods and finally got the patience to install NRaas’ Story Progression. After years of using the Awesomemod version solely, it’s taken some getting used to.

On the up side, it meant that I’ve cleaned out some of the junk, as well as a good excuse to try the YouAreReal skin stuff.

Andy Maheras:Screenshot-16 Screenshot-14

Charlie Feldman:

Screenshot-10  Screenshot-3 Screenshot

I’ve since left Luis Rostov to fend for himself in the Story Mode, but Charlie ran into him at the beach.Screenshot-7

On a sad/frustrating note. Last week when I had to evacuate my house, I put my old PC into the back of my car and because it was about 38C that day, and my car is black, I think the computer has completely shat itself. Annoying, since I had TS2 still installed on it, because I’ve not got around to bother getting it to work on Windows 8. The computer also had my properly working version of Create-A-World still on it. I’m going to try and reinstall TS3 on my current desktop, see if that managed to fix it. I doubt it though.