Acadia Update

Been pulling my hair out for the past couple of weeks, but after trying repeatedly to get Edit-in-game working on Acadia, I’ve come to the decision that I’m just going to have to upload it as-is. I wish I could work on it more to fix some of the niggling things in the town that require the actual game to fix, but I guess it’s going to have to be something I will have to live with, until I begin working on my next two worlds.

Regarding those, I am scrapping my New Caledonia inspired world for the moment. I may wait until The Sims 4 is officially out for that, because while I’ve been working on it, I’ve found myself using a lot of store packs in the town, including stuff from Monte Vista, Sunlit Tides and the buildings from Aurora Skies. Something about those three worlds seemed to provide a lot of good quality rabbitholes and decor.

The new worlds I’m planning on are a Sci-Fi world which I’m still deciding whether to use Lunar Lakes stuff, as well as those big windows from that ballet studio. I’m going to try and work out how to get them to appear in the world itself to make the roads and pathways appear to be within a sealed enviroment.

The other world, it will be based on Southern California, or maybe a bit of Northern California in there for some things. I’ve been inspired by the coastal towns in GTA V, as well as around Avalon on Catalina island. So it will be an island, should be interesting.

As for Acadia, I am collating the CC list that I’ve used in the world, (I lost the original list when my old hard drive died) so I will be releasing the world in the next week, but this world will be considered as-is. If I can’t fix it in CAW itself, or by supplying some of the lots in a seperate download, it will need to be fixed by the end user.