Think I’ve finally set up my card….FINALLY

So I started completely anew with my graphics settings for The Sims 3. Basically, while I had the graphics perfectly set, it was killing my frame rate for some unknown reasons. Then I updated my drivers, and forgot to save the profile. Poof! All gone! Out of frustration of trying to find a distinct lack of reliable information and advice on the best setting, I looked further afield and found myself on one of the many FSX forums out there.

The original source of the settings were from AVSIM’s forums, but I had to adapt a few things to get it to work properly in TS3, mostly changing the Vertical Sync from 1/2 Refresh Rate to just forcing it on (so I now get 55-60FPS even in cities like Los Aniegos).

EDIT: I should add the link of where I got the original specs from, because I lay no claim whatsoever to the settings or coming up with them. They were from Arjen Vandervelde AVSim.

There were some suggestions that the AntiAliasing Setting could be upped to 8xSQ instead of 8xS, but I couldn’t tell much of a difference between the two.

EDIT 2: I wouldn’t touch all the settings from the FSX settings, selecting the DX10 modes didn’t seem to sit well, with some patterns just not showing up on some lots, even though they appeared on others. 

My nVidia Inspector Profile.

My nVidia Inspector Profile.

Neither of these photos have been edited, so make of it what you will. No sharpening or anything like that. So if you’re having trouble setting up a profile for TS3, I can recommend this for now. I may get to tweaking it a bit more later, but for now it will do.