Space Engineers

I downloaded a new game on Steam last week called “Space Engineers,” and I’ve been getting increasingly addicted to it. It’s still in a development stage at the moment, so a lot of features are still not working, but that will change. It’s basically like Minecraft in space, and I think from what I’ve read about the development, they intend to introduce mining and space battles in it.

At the moment, the graphics look great, and to create a ship from a system similar to Minecraft is easy, as long as you have the basics down. I really like the collision damage the ships get. For example, I was moving the ship I had just built back toward the space station base to be able to find it easier next time, but as I turned around, I smacked the front of the ship into one of the premade ones, making it necessary to rebuild the front.

Things like Gravity and Mass matters in the game, which is cool, and it’s basically what I had been hoping for from Spore, and something I always wanted since I played the old Tie Fighter games on DOS.

For some reason the screen shot feature or even print screen wasn’t working for me today, so these pictures were taken from my phone.


I called here the Weasel (in honour of the Adama and Coker’s Raptor from Blood and Chrome), and she weighs around 870tonnes. Has insane acceleration, but I need to go back into the game and add more thrusters because from full speed it took me fifteen minutes to get below 20m/s.