The Parkers

These guys have been the latest family I’ve been playing with in Acadia. I started off with Josh just being my test Sim when I was running through the crap-tonne of different test versions I had for the game, but now I’ve got the end product I decided to keep him in the game, and make him a twin sister.

Basically, their backstory is that they’ve moved to this rural, coastal Canadian town looking for a new start in life. They’ve got two dogs, Missy and Sigmund. After finishing their University degrees with straight A’s, they moved back to town and into a small 1 bedroom apartment near the house boats. 2 dogs and 2 siblings sharing a 1 bedroom house was a bit of a nightmare, but with Josh working during the night, they managed to make do.

After Jennifer married John, both of them and their dogs moved into the beach house. I’ve been meaning to set Josh up with a boyfriend for him, but the last Sim I made with the intention of using, I got sick of his Diva personality and got rid of him.



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      1. mamyrocker

        Thank you for answer! Yes I’m from RTSItaly. I’m very happy to see that my work is useful for all you simmers! Just because I have seen my lemmy beard with another beard. But no problems yet… I understand now. A hug 🙂

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